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Recently, the UNEWS posted a letter to the editor that I disagreed with. It’s been a while since I’ve written to them, so I figured I’d share my thoughts. Enjoy.

To the Editor:

The September 23 edition of the University News contained a letter to the editor from Dr. Rottnek and Jesse Walls alleging that a recent eating competition was inconsistent with the mission of Saint Louis University. I disagree.

The authors quote a portion of the SLU mission statement that reads:

“[SLU] fosters programs that link University resources to local, national and international communities in collaborative efforts to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice and hunger; extend compassionate care to the ill and needy; and maintain and improve the quality of life for all persons.”

The competition provides a financial incentive to eat a burger with two beef patties, four strips of bacon, a fried egg, chili, four cheeses, fried onion strings and cheese sauce. The winner of the competition gets $250, and the rest of the proceeds benefit financially challenged students.

While Rottnek and Walls think such a competition is contrary to our mission, I think the opposite is true. The cattle and swine ranchers, egg producers, multiple dairymen, as well as the chili, cheese sauce and fried onion producers all clearly benefit from the decision to create such a delicious concoction. This collaborative effort helps alleviate poverty among the producers’ employees, and reduces the likelihood that they suffer from hunger. All while simultaneously providing for Billikens in need and improving the quality of their lives through education.

Let’s not forget — if they made the competition about who could eat one Boca-burger the fastest, that would be bad for the environment, too. Vegetarians are a big culprit of removing a mitigating force against climate change: carbon-dioxide ingesting plants.

Plus, Boca-Burgers are disgusting anyway.

John Cook School of Business, Class of 2006
Fairfax, Virginia

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