Letter to the Editor: Go Green, Privatize It!

While a little dated (21 days), I couldn’t help but respond to this letter to the editor of the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

Dear Editor:

In your September 7 paper, John Newman opines that President Obama should be elected for two important reasons: First, Republicans will allegedly privatize the U.S. Postal Service and second, they’re “willfully ignorant” about the supposed dangers of global warming.

I understand the hesitancy of lawmakers to pass needed reforms for our dated postal service since all they seem to do these days is conjure up names for these post offices, but I wonder if Mr. Newman put some thought into the connection between the two.

People who have read Rep. Issa’s proposed reform bill will quickly realize Newman’s claims are outlandish.

However, the Postal Service announced on its sustainability scorecard that it “is on track to achieve all goals except total postal vehicle petroleum fuel use reductions of 20 percent by FY 2015.”

Fuel use is a pretty big exception, especially to global warming worrywarts like Newman.

Maybe Rep. Issa’s proposals don’t go far enough. Maybe we should privatize the mail service completely. An entity that cares about its bottom line might be better for the environment, which Mr. Newman should support!

Better yet, maybe he can use the newfangled “green” invention of email to send letters, and the internet to pay his bills instead.

At least that’s what this alleged post office gutting, environment-hating conservative does.

Jim Swift
Alexandria, VA by way of the Central West End
via email and not the gas guzzling postal service

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