Let’s Politicize EVERYTHING!!!!


Gawker has been running this piece on Chick Fil A this week, pointing out that its Winshape Foundation donates to groups that oppose gay marriageBig deal.

I think this is silly.

First, the economic argument: winnowing down potential merchants to trade with because of their politics is only likely to make you poorer. Sure, you might feel better, knowing you are not supporting people whose views differ from yours, but are you making yourself better off? No.

Restricting with whom you will trade for arbitrary reasons limits your choices and potentially closes off ones that will make you a better deal. This is stupid, and you’ll probably only be poorer because of it. If you want to live your life at  an Organic Co-op in Vermont and never shave or bathe with shampoo tested on animals, by all means, be my guest.

You’re free to do that and cease trading with people whose politics you don’t like, of course. But when people are getting richer (by making smarter decisions) than you — please don’t cry foul, because normal people won’t care.

If I didn’t shop at places run by Democrats or supportive of Democrats, I would never have gone to Humphrey’s, my favorite bar in the world. Would I have been better off without Humphrey’s? No way in hell. I’m sure I’ve politicized things, like Ketchup (wrongly) in 2004 — and I don’t even like ketchup. I’ve seen the error of my ways and hope you will, too.

Second, the time argument: Are you going to apply this line of reasoning to every purchase you make? Where do you draw the line? If you want to make a symbolic stand on gay rights only with Chick-Fil-A — that’s fine. More delicious fried chicken and shorter lines for me. But if you are going to be consistent, are you going to stop shopping at Target or other stores that have supported causes you disagree with, like Coca Cola?

Are you going to ask your favorite bartender his politics? Your local food truck owners? Your dry cleaner? It seems to me like living this way, aside from being economically stupid and politically pointless, would just waste a lot of your time.

And would your friends care? I had somebody tell me we shouldn’t make a trip to get one of those Little Caesars $5 fresh n’ ready pizzas because their owners are huge liberals. I don’t care. I want a delicious pizza for $5, even if it was sold to me by the AFL-CIO.

I don’t like unions at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t drink union-made beer, or shop at union grocery stores like Shoppers. Doing so would limit my choices and make me poorer, and that’s why all of this is stupid.

Odds are, though, your friends probably don’t care. They may accede to your defense of not shopping at a store that one time, but when you’re not around, they’ll talk about how crazy you are and how delicious Chick-Fil-A / Little Caesars is.

In a world that is becoming even more hyper partisan, can’t we just stop and live our lives like normal human beings? But if you sleep better at night because of this nonsensical boycott — by all means, soldier on, you silly!

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