Karma is a bitch

Excuse my language, but I have the biggest shit-eating grin on my face right now. Remember the Save Humphrey’s campaign?

Of course I do, because I helped run it. Some developer was trying to push Humphrey’s out of business to get their land. Bottom line, they lost, Jan won. Humphrey’s is still going strong and will celebrate its 35th Anniversary this coming year.

What ever happened to that development? Oh, nothing big, EXCEPT FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY.

Suck on it, developers. Sorry to the students who were screwed over, but karma’s a chameleon, it comes and goes, it comes and goes, oh woah a woah!

I still have a few shirts from the campaign. Maybe I should send one to Rick Yackey. Screwing taxpayers, students, and trying to screw Humphrey’s. These folks are no friend of mine.

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One Thought on “Karma is a bitch

  1. Also with shit eating grins, the Louisiana branch of the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.

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