IQ Tests? You’ve been hacked.


Last week one of my friends from college sent me a chat. It was weird because we aren’t extremely close friends, and the message she sent asked me to take an IQ test. I looked at the url and it was suspicious, so I searched for the site via google. Chrome didn’t think it was mal-ware, so it let me take the test.

Today, I get a chat from a different person. One who is more likely to message me, since we were neighbors in DeMatt. The wording of the message? Exactly the same. I point out that I think he’s been hacked — no response. Either people hack in and do this, or it’s a bot. Either way, hacking has become way more advanced than stupid “free iPad” invites or “Holy crap when you type your password into this post it turns to ******.”

Anyways, I wanted to bring this to your attention and make the following suggestions, as an IT nerd.

  • Change your password often.
  • Don’t make it words that people would associate with you.
  • Use numbers, capital and lower case letters, and especially characters like “!#$$%!@”
  • Don’t sign on to every crazy thing facebook offers. Be cautious and don’t take every quiz, play every game, use every app. Be judicious.
  • Prune your account once every week. Remove apps that found their way on there and ones you no longer use.
  • Don’t play farmville. It’s just a stupid game. Just like Mafia Wars.

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