Intellectual Overdraft

On Tumblr, I saw this interesting fact.

In 1995 Michael Howard was charged £20 for a £10 overdraft on his bank account at Yorkshire Bank’s Horsforth branch. The 30-year-old marketing consultant changed his name by deed poll to “Yorkshire Bank plc are Fascist Bastards”

I looked up the story, and it checks out.

A couple thoughts:

  1. This guy probably spent more on a name change than he did in overdraft charges, which brings me to
  2. This guy’s decision to change his name is just indicative of his poor judgement, which shouldn’t be surprising in that he somehow cannot manage his own money.

I think Michael needs a copy of this book:

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate criticisms of banks, but I don’t think that not being good with your money is one of them. 

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