I voted for a Democrat

Crazy, right? Yes, this morning I voted in the Democratic primary for Virginia Congressional District 8. (Virginia has open primaries.)

Why? Here are my reasons:

  • George Allen will win the GOP nomination for Senate without my help. George Allen is facing E.W. Jackson, Bob Marshall, and Jamie Radtke. Who are they? Exactly.
  • My Congressman, Jim Moran is a moron. He needs to be retired, even if it means voting for someone politically extreme like Bruce Shuttleworth. No better feeling in the world than voting against Jim Moran, especially in a race where the likelihood of him losing is greater than most general elections. Shuttleworth may have crappy ideas, but at least he doesn’t heckle kids and start fights on the floor of Congress.
  • Democrats will spend money sending me campaign literature for years, costing their party and candidates thousands of dollars.

So, you see, it was easier than I thought it would be. I get to vote against Moran and cost the Democrats money in the future. Should Bruce Shuttleworth somehow win tonight, I won’t vote for him in the general, but I will blog about how stupid his Apollo 2020 proposal is. Anyone who seriously thinks alternative energy is going to be our baseload energy supplier is crazy, and anyone who thinks getting the materials (like REMs) for alternative energy is somehow “green” is naive.

I did feel great voting against Jim Moran. And if Moran loses, Shuttleworth might be easier to beat than Moran in the general. Call me crazy. 

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