I Met a Swing Voter

Holy cow. What are the odds? Tonight after the debate, I ventured to my local 7/11 — which was robbed at gunpoint a few weeks back — to acquire a six pack of beer.

After which, I met a swing voter.

Tonight was debate night, and my conclusion was that the debate was boring. A detente. Obama and Romney interrupted Candy Alt Crowley, and it was unbecoming and awkward. Nobody moved the needle. Of course, both sides claimed victory in some way on social media.

That said, Obama’s failure to move the needle is advantageous for Romney.

A few asides:

  • Obama claimed that gas prices were low because the economy was on the verge of collapse. This won’t resonate with anyone really.
  • A woman who claimed to be undecided asked Romney how he differed with GWB. I posited “This woman is an undecided voter? Is it between Obama and Roseanne Barr?”
  • If the Lily Ledbetter Bill solved all the problems why is this still an issue?
  • 1,000 jobs for more expensive tires? Do the math. (And tire tariffs, as Kerpen notes, have cost us net jobs.)
  •  I would love to see Obama’s answers to these questions — http://www.tsowell.com/Questions.pdf
  •  Romney’s incorrect: Presidents don’t file legislation.
  • Romney is now taking the 2009 Romney tact, not the China bashing Romney. Please can we keep this one?
  • Wait, nevermind, he’s gone after currency now. SOLUTION: PUNISH CONSUMERS

A friend commented:

  • Label China a currency manipulator of Bernanke-esque proportions!!!!!!
  • You can’t debase your currency and get away with it!!!!! That’s our prerogative!
  • “The currency manipulation has gone up 11% during my administration.”

To my mythical swing voter. It was like I somehow caught a gummi bear, a care bear, or a unicorn. And I didn’t even need to use trickery.

As I walked back into my condo building, I saw an asian man in his late twenties watching the debate recap in the coffee lounge.

I asked “How did the debate go?”

He indicated it was so-so, and Romney did as well as he did the last time and Obama did better than he did last time. But nobody, he thought, won.

Obama, he said, did better on the gun control question. He thought Obama dodged Romney’s direct line of questioning on Benghazi. He also added that Romney, he thinks, will win the last debate. This, because, he thinks Romney didn’t go for the kill tonight to keep his gunpowder dry.

He also commented that Romney, in his view, did poorly on the “women issues” — equal pay, contraception, etc.

After a few back and forths, he remarked “I’m a swing voter.”

I was floored. I have never really met one of these creatures.

Apparently, they do exist. And in the Washington, D.C. region no less.

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