How to do Marketing Right

See this room? Entice interested parties to a launch party at the Canadian Embassy celebrating a Canadian airline announcing DC service with free food and drinks, and potential prizes.

Announce two winners of round trip airfare for two + hotel + dinner, and then…..

Then tell everyone they’ve won a free round trip anywhere the airline flies.

Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline that seems like a hybrid of Southwest and Emirates fused with Canadian hospitality. With their ethos of flying refined, Porter offers airport lounges for all that rival the Lufthansa Senators Club, a 2×2 layout in sleek Bombardier planes, and best of all: complimentary wine and beer.

Mary, my girlfriend, allowed me to tag along to this event — and it looks like it will result in a vacation to Canada later this year. U.S. based airlines should take note of this business model. I know Alaska Airlines offers free beer on its flights, but not many others offer it. Nor do they usually offer the other amenities Porter does to all.

Porter airlines earns a kudos from this marketing major for, frankly, impressing the whole damn room. And judging by that picture, that’s a lot of people.

The party had excellent food, and best of all, some Canadian beer brands I haven’t tried — and of course, Labatt.

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