Holga 135BC

What in God’s name is a Holga, you may ask? My friend Bart Lissner told me about them a while ago, and I have been looking for one ever since.

Some people at work asked about this bulky ugly duckling today. But, I must admit, it takes wonderful pictures. I worked a photoshoot the other day, and was talking to the photographer about this camera, and replied deadpan that “you can buy ’em from from Urban Outfitters.”

Imagine my surprise. Those of you who know me realize I have never set foot in one of their stores before. So, off I went. The camera was $46 and it uses 35mm film. For those of you considering, you can also buy them on here. Do your research, as some require modification.

You can see all of my first roll of Holga pics by clicking here. Some of them didn’t come out because of the poor lighting in the Capitol’s underground bowels. Lesson learned. I thought I got a good one of Pat Leahy too. Darn. It’s called the Bomble Holga.

One cool thing about them is because a.) it’s a film camera and b.) it’s manual advance, you can do double exposures. Like the one below.


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One Thought on “Holga 135BC

  1. Loves: Capitol+USSC, Hart sunlight 2

    See what happens when you photoshop them to b/w and kick up the contrast.

    Also like the single light source in Capitol South

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