Having a Doppelgänger is Kind of Scary

Friend and fraternity brother Greg Smith sent me this tweet earlier in the day:

Other people messaged me too, asking if it was me on the male-oriented website The Chive (warning: some images not appropriate for work.) In case you didn’t conclude as much, it isn’t me. I don’t wear skinny pants, would never wear those type of shoes, nor would I wear a shirt like that. According to a cursory google search, this freak-of-nature look alike lives, probably, in Seattle. Maybe that’s the left-leaning hipster clone of me. But it’s not me.

I’ve long been told that I look like Sean Hannity. Perhaps that’s because we tend to vote Republican, and yes, his hair (while black) is combed similarly. But he is not a dead ringer of a doppelgänger. Whoever this guy is, he definitely is my doppelgänger.

And it’s a little weird. Do you have a doppelgänger? Did you see them in a photo and think it was weird? I certainly do. It’s a scary thought to think somebody out there looks strikingly similar to you. I suppose twins get over this feeling pretty quickly, but then again, they apparently cause divorce. (Sorry, but it’s science!) So at least I don’t have that going for me.

P.S. — I don’t know/can’t explain the picture to you. Being a doppelgänger doesn’t give you insight into the mind of your doppelgänger.

P.P.S. — Sister Alison writes: “Showed the picture to mom, and she just mom-sighed and said ‘what is he doing? I mean, who is that girl?’ When I told her it wasn’t you, she straightened up and walked away ‘That is appalling.'”

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