GoPro for Journalists

Last night, I went to the Charlie Hebdo vigil at the Newseum. I figured just by going I’d find something to write about.

I figured, this being America, somebody or some group would try and make the vigil something it wasn’t supposed to be. I was right.

On that frigid and windy Washington evening, I found that my trusty Olympus reporter’s recorder — powered by two AAA batteries that usually lasts for months — was out of juice. Other members of the press who weren’t with TV stations used their phones or recorders, which is fine. But I had my GoPro with me, and it was fully charged. (I wasn’t using the waterproof backing.)

I turned it on and held it in my hand, pointing it at whatever I wanted it to record. Even with the casing, I got good, transcribable audio and stills to use for my story.

With all of the CES coverage, I remembered that I was fascinated by the Polaroid Cube. It seems like a good product, but I already have a GoPro.

So, if you’re a member of the press — remember to keep a charged GoPro or Cube in your arsenal — it could be a life saver. Especially when (for D.C.) it’s cold as hell.

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