Google Voice

I just got this nifty feature today via a email invite, and I must admit: it’s way cool.

First, you get a number for free. You can pick the area code and words in it. My number is 52 SWIFT, and the area code is guess-able. If you get emails from me, the number is on there. It’s helpful because you can link all of your phones, work, work cell, personal cell, home, et cetera, to make all of them ring at once, and the best part is that you can screen — something I love doing.

Here is Google’s bit on their new product, so check it out and get in line. Here’s another review from Computer World. The concept does creep me out a bit, but then again, some people are still freaked out by gmail. I don’t know why they offer it for free at this point, maybe it’s only temporary. The NY Times weighs in here. Decide for yourself.

Then again, I don’t know how they offer Google domain management for free. We’ll see.

Check it out.


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