Glad I didn’t attend Harvard

I should probably mention that I never applied — my grades were too middle of the road/average. But, if it takes a Ph.D to teach this at Harvard, I am glad I did not go there.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, I don’t blame you. Here is the key portion.

“So, if Americans say they want a country that is more equal than they believe it to be, and they believe that the country is more equal than it actually is, the question becomes how we lessen these disparities. Our survey didn’t ask what measures people would be willing to support to address the wealth gap. But to achieve the ideal spelled out by those surveyed, about 50% of the total wealth in the United States would have to be taken from the top 20% and distributed to the remaining 80%.”

Now, I only have a bachelor of science in business administration. No higher education like a master’s in econ, MBA, or Ph.D. But, I don’t think it requires a Ph.D to come to the conclusion that a large majority of the populace wants more money for nothing and tricks for free.

This won’t be a scientific poll, but my guess is you could re-create their survey with something like this:

1.) Should rich people make less money? [Choose one]
(Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

2.) There are tons of rich people in America. If you add a small amount of them up, they make more money than a lot of less wealthy people. Is this “fair?” [Choose one]
(Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

3.) If it were up to you, would you like to make more money without having to change your work behavior? [Choose one]
(Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

And there you have it. Three questions, and you can now write an op-ed claiming that Americans want America to become Sweden.

From the article:

“In fact, Americans reported wanting to live in a country that looks more like Sweden than the United States.”

Dr. Boudreaux at CafeHayek has a good perspective on it, too.

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