Get ready for snow

I love snow. My girlfriend Mary loves snow more than I do. This weekend, we are going to get a lot of snow. How do I know? Well, for one, I’m not a meteorologist, and I didn’t even take “Understanding the weather” at SLU — I took Seismology and Nuclear Weapons. Fun, right? NOAA and other weather folks are expecting 2-3 inches of¬†precipitation, which (depending on what ratio you use, and the wind and temperature, and many other factors) can mean nearly a foot of snow per inch of precipitation. That could mean two to three feet — or more.

Click to expand to see the future.

The consensus is, it’s going to snow a lot this weekend. I believe them. I am going to buy a shovel tonight, and make sure I have charcoal so I can cook out food. I’ll also stock up on weather friendly provisions, too, just in case we don’t go to work on Mon/Tue/Wed — because if the power is out, we are screwed. You should do the same. Prepare for this, and the worst thing you can be is wrong. The other way around is much, much worse.

I’m from Cleveland, and I know.

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