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Last night I received a phone call from Mr. Bill Bauer at GE Appliance. I wasn’t at my phone so he left a message asking to call back with regard to my email. GE is to be commended for responding on the same day. It was after 5:00pm, so I planned to call Mr. Bauer in the morning, but he reached out to me early this morning.

He was very nice and understood my complaint about not providing tracking numbers, like most websites for companies do. In this instance, it would have likely solved the problem which I’ll describe below.

Like I alluded in my very first post about washer parts, I could not believe it would take three weeks to get these parts, and I was right. GE shipped the parts that very day, and they arrived promptly on Wednesday, like I initially expected. So, to all you GE appliance owners, you can get the parts ASAP for a fair price and good shipping rates. Here’s the website.

Here’s the rub. My condo, Midtown Alexandria, recently changed management firms. The new management firm, Armstrong, decided to change the protocol for notifying residents of packages. The old regime was that you got a note in your mailbox and a blank mail key with a note “you have a package” would be put in your box. This system was fine.

Armstrong, without notifying anyone, changes the system to send you an email. A fine system I am sure, but I was not notified such a change occurred. They used the email on record, in this instance, my mom’s email address. I don’t know if they contacted her initially to tell them about the change, but last night I received a different package and my mom forwarded that email notification to me this morning. The new management had no idea if the email they had on record was the best account, and this was a very bad decision, I believe. I voiced that to our concierge and will change the email account to one that forwards copies of the email to Betsy and I.

Essentially, Midtown was sitting on my replacement parts for an entire week. Needless to say, I am not happy with the new management so far. Maani will come tomorrow and fix the washer, and I look forward to having a functioning washer again.

In closing, I am hopeful that GE will embrace my suggestion with regard to posting links to tracking numbers for shipped products, and am very happy with their response. Maani is great, but it’s yet to be determined if the washer will be fixed properly. Midtown’s new management, however, is on my shit list.

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