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Hey, it’s Friday, you can eat meat now!

Idea for television show I had:

Like the show “wife swap” we could take union leaders and make them run other unions. Example: Take the leadership of the NHLPA and the leadership of the Amalgamated Transit Union (WMATA Union) and make them switch.

Coverage of Tyler Cowen’s New Book

MR: Six Rules for Dining Out (Excerpt)_

The Atlantic: Six Rules for Dining Out

WSJ: Food Frenzy: An Economist Analyzes Eating

Book Review: Invisible Hand to Mouth

The ghost at Mr. Cowen’s banquet is Michael Pollan, who is mentioned sparingly but haunts most popular food writing these days. In his demonization of agribusiness and praise of local, simple foods, Mr. Pollan opposes much of what Mr. Cowen adores. The two writers share a hatred for processed junk, and one suspects that they’d enjoy some of the same meals. Mr. Cowen, however, has no time for locavorism—the pathology that leads some diners to exclude all but local products from their diets—and shows a winning appreciation for food beyond its raw ingredients. Better ingredients, he says, can usually be found more easily in other countries. What America excels at is a combination of choice and diversity, aided by such globalizing factors as easy immigration, cheap rents in strip malls, and low barriers to entry that allow risk-taking and innovation. (Author of Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can... by James E. McWilliams)

Young and Hungry: Pizza: Sooo Hot Right Now

NYTimes: The Myth of Sustainable Meat

Grass-grazing cows emit considerably more methane than grain-fed cows. Pastured organic chickens have a 20 percent greater impact on global warming. It requires 2 to 20 acres to raise a cow on grass. If we raised all the cows in the United States on grass (all 100 million of them), cattle would require (using the figure of 10 acres per cow) almost half the country’s land (and this figure excludes space needed for pastured chicken and pigs). A tract of land just larger than France has been carved out of the Brazilian rain forest and turned over to grazing cattle. Nothing about this is sustainable.

CafeHayek: Mercantilist Nonsense, Instance #68,594,247,048,331,683,549

HotAir: Gingrich selling access to donor list?

Good Golf Deal: 18 holes of golf + bucket of ballsSterling Park Golf and Swim Club

TheAtlantic: Why you can’t get a taxi

The GSA is Outrageous

Gawker: ‘I’ll Make 250K This Year, While You’re Unemployed LOL’: Recruiting Goes Horribly Wrong

Gizmodo: 15 Current Technologies My Newborn Son Won’t Use

Reason: DC Escalator Nightmare (h/t BJN)

WSJ: Behind the Annie’s IPO, a Brand-Building Buyout Vet

TheHill: North Korea missile launch is shot to Obama’s foreign-policy strength

My thought: It could be worse, he could have sent over Albright to give him an autographed basketball.

Curbed: Concert Pianist Arrested Over Cheap Tribeca Apartment

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