Friday Funday Links


Heaton: Exploring SE Washington, D.C. (Come for the crime, stay for Marion Barry!)

Reason: Nick Gillespie Talks Augusta National, The Master’s, IBM & Sexism with Erin Burnett

Boudreaux: Don’t curse the oil speculators

Tax Foundation: The wait is over. America is #1

DCist: National Park Service’s Attempt to Replant at McPherson Square Met With Resistance From Occupiers | Marion Barry apologizes, sort of

NR: Defending Fiscal Insanity

MR: Does low socioeconomic status have to bring poor health outcomes? | Do most economists welcome ideological openness? (I wonder what Krugman’s answer was..)

GGW: Pedestrian safety slogan exhorts but does not educate

AlexTimes: Will the Old Town theater see a second act? (I’d go back if they got rid of the management and a new projector)

ARLNow: WMATA Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign 

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Fox: GSA Federal Worker Does Rap Video Bragging About Lavish Perks

Perry: Strong Gains in Manufacturing Jobs Continue

CoyoteBlog: The City of Glendale is Pathetic

Atlantic: How Congress Gets Away with Not Paying Its Interns

Don’t Feed The Trolls (A collection of troll gems from the interwebz)

The Hill: Santorum fights speculation his race has been run

STLToday: Asbestos particles found after downtown St. Louis steam rupture (Cue the Meso ads)

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