Friday Funday Links

7 eleven

Department of Internet Money: Charlie Bit Me has made 500k since 2007]

Boudreaux: Your daily Krugman rebuttal

Telegraph: Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama

Thank Mattel for this craziness

Markets in Everything: Twitter toilet paper

Landsburg: And the winner is….

DocLawrence: Rooting for Laundry Counterfactual

Can I get this for the zombie apocalypse?

Heaton: Morning people

NakedDC: Obama has the worst pinterest page ever

Do something good this Friday, and vote for a friend of my friend to get free wedding stuff

Gif of the day (h/t Heaton):

Awesome student election posters

Kyl: Individual wealth, freedom products of U.S. capitalism

Atlantic: Obsolete law — the solutions

The Virginia DMV has an Android App now

Unions really care about the working man

The winner of my “What would you do if you won Mega Millions” contest is Cooper Smith:

I‎’d buy like 4 Wendy’s and turn ’em from losers into SOLID GOLD. I’d restore the old buffet biznass and revitalize the classic bold flavors that Dave would be proud of…make sure them burgers were on point. THEN. Then. I’d buy a SHITLOAD of bouncy castles. Sadly, this is the best answer you’ve gotten. Student loans and whatnot is a total heart smile, but give me an effing break. That’s how Joe The Plumber would pledge to spend his winnings. Imagine me with a fleet of baller ass Wendy’s and like 800 bouncy castles. Do you even KNOW what I”d do with that many bouncy castles?! NEITHER DO I. Best believe it’d be off the hook, though. MIC DROP

UNEWS: SLU community gathers around basketball team

RCP: Obama: “You’re On Your Own” Economics Doesn’t Work

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