Friday Funday Links

Capitol after the rain

NRO: Santorum, Biden, College, and Snobbery

Boudreaux: Manufacturing Myths

MR: Facts about welfare transfers

Baseline Scenario: Beware of “Centrists” Bearing Consensus Breaking: Cleveland Browns franchise kicker Phil Dawson, NFL source tells PD

Iowahawk: Breitbart

McArdle: Are the Rich Completely Undeserving of Sympathy?

Heaton: Robots, Scud Missiles, and Free Trade

WSJ: Nissan Weighs a Datsun Comeback

NYTimes: Santorum, Defender of Free Market, Pushed in Congress to Protect Big Steel

Reason: Does H.R. 347 Change Anything About Your Right to Protest Politicians Under Secret Service Protection? It’s All In the Word Change.

Landsburg: Rush to judgement

OTB: DC traffic guide

Gizmodo: Fauxloko

Lifehacker: MacGyver, Survivalist, or Stockpiler: The Urban Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Cleveland Scene: Battlefield Ohio: Romney Pulls Closer to Santorum

TaxFoundation: Meals Taxes in Major U.S. Cities (DC is 4th highest) | New Study on State tax rates “Location Matters”

GGW: 1958 zoning code authors saw the future, often wrongly

Will: Super PACs can’t crown a king

Slate: Eight great MIT pranks

Gawker: A Former Target Team Leader Explains Hiring, Firing, and Staying Union-Free

ARLNow: BW3 coming to Ballston James Q. Wilson, 80, co-author of ‘Broken Windows’ community policing strategy, died today

Wilson: Broken Windows

Tom Harkin fumbling with money (people in the strip club industry might have some qualms)

ESPN: Deadline deals don’t just rattle players

Airport stories by Betsy:

Lady tried to bring a can of four loko through airport security. When stopped, she decided to go back outside to drink it, at the urging of the security guy. Awesome.

Jockular: The 20 most inadvertently sexual sports headlines.

Lifehacker: What Questions Should I Be Ready to Answer at Just About Any Job Interview?

Google Web Fonts (How cool is this?)

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