Friday Funday Links

old phone booth

HuffPo: Sarah Palin Emails Show Difficulties In Alaska Governorship, Marital Problems

Andrew Heaton and Warren Buffett have something in common!
HotAir: AP on Obama’s tax plan: Loopholes for me but not for thee

WSJ: ‘Stupid’ and Oil Prices

Heritage: Chart of the Week: Nearly Half of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes

PlainDealer: Derf’s masterful graphic novel, ‘My Friend Dahmer,’ looks back at the begininngs of a monster

NYPost: ‘The Dictator’ responds to being banned from Oscars

TBD: The 21 most annoying, overused sayings on Twitter

HuffPo: Colbert’s Wheat Thins Sponsortunity: Host Mercilessly Mocks Own Sponsor (VIDEO)

Gentlemint: This is how you google

The Hill: Bill Maher unveils ‘surprise’ $1 million donation to Obama’s super-PAC

WaPo: How many streetcars will H Street get?

Alexandria News: A European Hard Times? Ha

SFist: Everyone thinks California sucks

Landsburg: Who expected THAT?

Reason: The Great Gibson Guitar Raid: Months Later, Still No Charges Filed

Krugman: Mitt Romney is a closet Keynesian 

Dynamic Scoring: A Back-of-the-Envelope Guide

KH: The President’s Buffett Rule is vaporware

Boudreaux: Open letter to Bill O’Reilly [you can’t explain that, Bill]

NYTimes: Google goggles!


Gawker: How I Found the Human Being Behind Horse_ebooks, The Internet’s Favorite Spambot

io9: Gandalf teacher’s stamp is the classiest way to fail students and/or Balrogs

Freakonomics: Should You Be Guarding Your Old Fry Oil? A thief gets caught: What’s the black market price for used grease?

Carpe Diem: Dec. 2011 Sets Record for the Highest-Ever Volume of Global Trade and Global Output in History

Accidental Chinese Hipsters [h/t Clayton Hanson]

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