Friday Funday Links

Happy campers

Happy Campers

NBC DC: Casino Proposed for National Harbor

BigGovt: Sherrod Brown Is a Serial Tax Delinquent

Fox: Feds arrest man heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide mission

Yahoo: DC man’s ‘NO TAGS’ vanity plate earns him $20,000 in tickets

AZ Daily Star: Az set to elect first new U.S. Senator in 18 years

ESPN: McShay: Browns have to trade up for RG3

Miami Herald: Miami Heat’s LeBron James won’t rule out eventual return to Cleveland

Too late, but still awesome: West Wing Valentines

Lounge 201: Awesome New Menu

WTAM: Romney comes to Cleveland, tells funny story about a trip he took to Elyria

Reason: Target Knows Your Daughter Is Knocked Up: More Upsides to Zero Privacy

NYTimes: How companies learn your secrets

Hayek: Revealing Hidden Information

Santorum’s Manufacturing Plan, well, sucks

Pleated Jeans: Basement Basketball (I am so guilty of this, and mini stick hockey)

Gallup: Americans love Canada

SavannahNow: Zombie horde attacks Fort Pulaski as key scene is shot for film

STLToday: Billikens do their part, so where are the people?

Centives: How much would it cost to build the Death Star?

NYTimes: The Buffett Tax Rule Is Really More of a Guideline

News of the Weird: ESPN: ‘Piggyback bandit’ banned in five states

Coloradan: A precinct built for two in Larimer County

AP: School-zone sign with 6 separate times irks driver

ExJon: Remember when Tucson Democrats called for “civility?”

AZDC: Hola, yo soy Newt Gingrich

WSJ: Google’s iPhone tracking

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