Freeze Right There!

First, check out this video.

Rep. Ryan and Rep. Maloney are arguing about budgets. I looked at the last budget the President submitted (a new one comes out next week) and made these two charts. Pretty much, Federal outlays are the highest they’ve been in my lifetime. I love taking data back to 1983 since it was the year of my birth. In total outlays, I do not think the numbers are inflation adjusted, for full disclosure. The second chart is as a % of GDP. Obviously, if they predict the GDP to be bigger next year, or significantly bigger, even increases in spending can be a smaller percent of GDP. I also realize that my black “freeze” line can move as GDP moves. But what if GDP doesn’t move? What if Congress cuts spending? The line moves too. Just things to consider.

So, spending’s pretty much as high as it has been in a long time, and we’re freezing it now? That’s the debate. Imagine if Paul Ryan proposed cutting spending by the largest amount in history, and told Rep. Maloney that he was going to then propose a 5 year freeze on further cuts. How do you think she’d react?

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