Food Truck Review: Liberty Chicken & Gyro

One of the drawbacks about working on the Hill is that there usually aren’t many foodtrucks within a short walk of your office. Not so much now that I’m in NOMA. Foodtrucks are there most days, so I figured I would review them when I eat there.

I love food trucks. I think they’re mobile ambassadors of capitalism. Naturally, brick and mortars hate them like brick and mortar retailers hated amazon and ebay. Entrenched interests usually are resistant to economic evolution, often at the expense of consumer choice. Which is why I am very much pro food truck.

Today I went to Liberty Chicken and Gyro. I think I was one  of the day’s first customers. I spoke with the operator and (presumably) his wife. They were very nice. I asked if they had a twitter account I could follow, and he said “not yet.” For now, they only accept cash.

Their menu offers six choices (as depicted above) as well as one or two rotating items that are posted in the window. I ordered the #6, combo over rice. They also offer a pretty standard pop lineup.

To be fair, I asked for no rabbit food (lettuce, tomatoes, onions) and no white sauce. I got hot sauce instead. If you go there, don’t worry, they’ll hook you up with authentic fare. Combos are $7.99 or $5.99, depending on which one you order.

I give this truck three and a half stars, a very good rating. It’d get four if it took credit cards and was easier to follow.

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