Faxing My Friends

I have discovered a great new tool — Hello Fax.

Basically, I can do a bunch of things and get free outgoing faxes. Which I can send to my friends. At work.

Here’s one example:

You know who looks freaky as hell after being routed through the fax tubes? Nicolas Cage. He looks like Don Cheadle.

I also sent the fax to my buddy at the law firm he works at in New York and then texted him from my google voice, not knowing he didn’t have it. He “thought there was going to be a pig head in my mailbox or some shit.” Until I realized he didn’t know who was texting him. It was funny.

All you need to do is come up with a fax that would look funny if printed by a fax machine and send it to your friend’s attention. Be careful, your name might show up if you register it as yourself and not a nom de plume.

You’re welcome. Now go unleash mayhem.

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