Exec. Long has a sense of Humor

This morning, I spied on facebook that one of my local leaders, County Executive Ed Long, was taking Q&A on the Fairfax County Website. Mr. Long is an appointed official that is kind of the technocrat of the County.

I had never seen a picture of him before.

Where have I seen someone resembling him?

Oh, right. The movie Office Space’s character Bob Porter. You remember, “The Bobs.”

This online Q&A was with citizens, so I decided I would ask a question, and not about the budget (which was the point of the Q&A.)

Here’s what I wrote:

Peter Gibbons : Executive Long, Have you ever thought for Halloween you could go as one of the “Bobs” from Office Space? Just a free suggestion. Peter

Now, I sent this not expecting to hear anything back. If I were staffing such a Q&A, I’d probably reject that kind of question. But, somehow, my question got through.

His response:

Edward Long : Selecting a Halloween costume is always a challenge for me. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll take it under consideration.

Good to see he has a sense of humor. Keep up the good work, Exec. Long!

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