EMA Alerts

You gotta pay attention to them on your blackberry. Though, for me this morning, it was too late. Received at 8:58 AM (after I sat in traffic for 45 minutes.)

FEMS is on site investigating natural gas odor on 4th Street between Massachusetts Avenue and C Street NE. Street closures; on C Street between 3rd and 4th Street NE.

Sent by DC HSEMA to e-mail….powered by Cooper Notification RSAN

I got off 295/395 at 11th Street and was taking the back roads to drop Betsy off at Union Station. The traffic around Stanton Park took me 45 minutes to navigate around. It was horrendous. Betsy had to get out and walk half a mile to the Metro just to (hopefully) get to work on time.

People are walking through Stanton Park, and I found a hole!

Here’s the schematic. To make matters worse 3 consecutive people in front of me were incapable of walking through a metal detector without setting it off.

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