Eliot Spitzer Photoshops NYT Sub-Headline in New Ad

In Eliot Spitzer’s new mea-culpa advertisement, which opens with “Look, I Failed. Big Time” — I noticed something curious. Let’s just say having seen a lot of shops in my day, I could tell by the pixels.

His campaign staff purposely omitted part of the subhed of a New York Times article.

Here’s what his ad showed:

spitzer edit

Here’s the original:

nyt original

It is obvious why Mr. Spitzer’s campaign team would edit the Times article. Since he’s embracing the whole “Sheriff of Wall Street / Working man” image, it would be pretty silly to leave up a subhed that suggests unions and politicians are pushing back against his candidacy also. That doesn’t comport with the man of the people image.

The unions are indeed out for Mr. Spitzer:

The unhappy unions may prove to be a more significant obstacle to Spitzer. Spitzer crossed swords with them in his previous incarnations over charter schools and Medicare reform. And remember, the unions are deeply involved in the management of pension funds. Spitzer turning over rocks could embarrass them.

Creatively editing a headline or a quote from an article in a positive ad, or even an attack ad is nothing new. But, in most cases, they’re direct quotes leading or ending with an ellipsis…

What Spitzer’s team did — actually photoshopping out the words “Unions and Politicans” is quite another. Eliot Spitzer’s back. And if this ad is any indication, he’s more brazen than ever. bsig


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2 Thoughts on “Eliot Spitzer Photoshops NYT Sub-Headline in New Ad

  1. Justin on July 23, 2013 at 7:13 pm said:

    Great catch, Jim! Hope this gets more attention!

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