Drinking on the job

Remember the old adage, don’t buy American made cars made on Monday or Friday?

Union members would always dismiss this line of thinking saying it was just some silly rumor. Interesting snopes debates are out there about it, too.

Well, maybe there’s a bit of truth to the whole matter. Wait, there’s actually quite a bit of truth to it. Enjoy this video. On second thought, I won’t be getting a Jeep Wrangler ever. And, I have always wanted a Jeep Wrangler.

Full article. Way to go Fox 2.

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4 Thoughts on “Drinking on the job

  1. While I can’t condone the behavior, and I find it disappointing, I also find it a completely unimpressive report. Go to any office building, any factory, any workplace were there are over 200 employees and I’d bet $50 nine times out of ten you will find a lunch bunch of boozers & pot heads. News flash!! Some people are alcoholics! Whoa. What a revelation.

  2. Good point, Gina.

    There are people who work on Capitol Hill who owe collective millions in unpaid taxes, people who get caught with child pornography, marijuana, or soliciting sex with a minor.

    The difference, I think, is that the Capitol Hill staff typically get fired. I am going to doubt that the union guys at Chrysler would get fired as quickly, if at all.

  3. But the behavior of both groups makes you wonder why we continue to give ’em tax money!

    And I realize, also, that not all UAW workers are like this. However, the real effect of unionization is that, while bygones will be bygones, this kind of behavior is allowed to thrive because unions make it harder to fire their members.

  4. Very true. I come from a family of union workers, but they themselves complain that some people just seem to be impossible to fire even though they deserve it. It’s ridiculous.

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