DC’s schizophrenic parking rules

So yesterday I drove over to the House side bars on Pennsylvania Avenue for the House Softball League tournament announcements at Capitol Lounge. I parked on the street, and went over to the green machine to pay for my permit for two hours ($3.00 for two hours.)

The green machine says I have to pay to park until 9:30, so I buy my ticket at 5:39, select the two hour maximum, and my permit will go until 7:39. Right? Wrong. I paid $3.00 for a ticket that lasted approximately 51 minutes. How can this be?

Only in Washington, D.C. would two conflicting parking orders be actually less than five feet away from each other.

Let my picture illustrate:

As you see on the left, the green machine that issues tickets informs you that you’re expected to pay until 9:30pm. However, the sign five feet to its right instructs you that you’re only expected to pay for your parking on that street until 6:30pm.

Which is it?

A little certainty would be nice, but how messed up is that? What’s further, is I feel like I am being jipped by D.C. Not because if I follow one, and the other is true I’d have to fight a ticket. That’s the major reason this needs to be addressed. Nobody should have to put up with fighting a ticket because signs say two conflicting things.

I’m not happy about paying the maximum for 51 minutes of parking time either, but I’ll let that slide for now.

D.C. and DDOT, fix this.

UPDATE: I called the folks at DDOT and they were very nice. I left them a message with the link to the post. Comments welcome from everyone in the comments section. If/when DDOT responds, I’ll update the post.

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4 Thoughts on “DC’s schizophrenic parking rules

  1. No response from DDOT as of yet. 24 hour promise? Broken.

  2. 1 month, 9 days later. Nothing from DDOT. Another reason to live in Virginia.

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  4. Nearly two years later, and never a response.

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