D.C., we even tax your grocery bags!

Starting just days ago, the District of Columbia started taxing paper and plastic bags from places serving food and liquor. From Subway and Harris Teeter to McDonalds, you can expect a 5 cent tax on your next purchase in our nation’s capital.

Aside from disproportionately affecting the District’s poor, I believe this tax is just obscene and won’t do anything to improve the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, which will continue to be polluted. Maybe even more so now that people feel they’re paying for their clean up.

I saw the following at Subway today, and I refused to pay the tax. I’ll continue to do so.

As Americans for Tax Reform astutely points out:

Mayor Fenty and council member Wells boast that it will simultaneously increase usage of reusable bags and tidy the Anacostia River. However, the best way to benefit the environment would actually be to request as many plastic and paper bags as possible at checkout, thereby ensuring the new Anacostia River cleanup fund is flush with cash.

Yes, “skip the bag” like D.C. tells you to do — doing so will ensure that there aren’t much funds for river clean up. What a dumb idea.

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