Cox Cable is great

I recently read how a bunch of my friends back in St. Louis are mad at Charter. I realize they have their reasons, but I never really had a big problem with them.

Anyways, so our cable was out last night. First time in over a year with them. Well, their GM sent us customers an email today:

We let you down. You expected to turn on your television and sit down to watch the game or your favorite Wednesday night show. That probably didn’t happen and I apologize for that. Some of our most vital equipment took a significant power hit, and when rebooted, much like a home computer, it did not come back on line properly. In spite of tremendous effort on the part of our best people, that reboot process took several hours and frankly, probably ruined your night. As your neighbor, I experienced the same in my home.

We are committed to you, our valued customer, and nothing is more important than rebuilding your trust in us by taking action to make things right. First, we’re going to credit your residential account with a free month of digital gateway service ($6.99). The credit will be automatically applied to your account, no need for you to do anything. We also hope you will take advantage of a free video On DEMAND movie by clicking on for details.

While such an outage has not occurred in the history of Cox NOVA, we take this very seriously and are already working to ensure higher reliability of our video network as we completely review processes and emergency procedures so that you can enjoy your your TV service uninterrupted.

We appreciate having you as a customer. It’s important to us. My thanks for allowing us to serve you,

Janet Barnard
SVP and General Manager
Cox Communications

I just think this is a good example of a responsible corporate citizen. Frankly, I don’t care about the Yankees, so who cares about missing a game. I bet Yankees fans are pissed, but hey, I get a free movie and 6.99 off my next bill. W00t! My internet still worked just fine and Mary and I watched Back to the Future.

My parents come in tomorrow. Here is a picture from today’s health care protest in downtown D.C.

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2 Thoughts on “Cox Cable is great

  1. The thing with charter is, they are cheap. I haven’t found anything better for a price increase.

  2. cox cable sucks cox! in fredericksburg when i was there i spent over a day with them total on hold and other crap. thir cable was pixelated the internet was slow, and i literally bitched so much that they took off over 4 months worth of cable bills for shoddy service. usually Jim, i’ll agree with the blog posts, but in fredericksburg, cox can lick my grundle!

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