Course Review: Langston Golf Course, Washington, D.C.

This weekend, Tyler and I went to go play Langston Golf Course on Benning Road in Northeast by RFK.

It was about $54 for 18 holes, a cart, logo ball, and big bucket of balls. So, not overly priced.

Their snack bar is amazing, and I really enjoyed the food, but they charged $1.05 for refills, which didn’t really please me.

Because it was a beautiful day, the course was crowded — to a fault. We were paired with a nice gentleman and retired Marine named Pierce. He was a good golfer who knew the course and a sage guide.

The driving range, which was very nice.

Tyler letting it fly.

The par 3 fifth hole.

You can see Metro and RFK from the course.

I’m told there was an on-course robbery the day we played. We avoided it. We ended up not playing the back nine due to how long it took, but I plan to go back and play it. I’d recommend this course over Hain’s Point any day, but try to avoid playing on Fridays and on weekends.

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