Congressional Baseball Game: a preview


So, what will happen tonight? It’s the 48th Annual Congressional Baseball game sponsored by Roll Call. It’s raining hard, and Roll Call is reporting that we might know the status of the game at 7:05, or even as late as 9:05. For those who aren’t attending the game or are out of town, the online copy of the program is here.

Who’s playing?

Democratic and Republican members of Congress. Since the Democrats have augmented their majority, they’ll have a larger pool to draw from. Many talented members from the Republican side of the aisle have been defeated, or retired to run for other office (Kenny Hulsolf (R-MO)) comes to mind.

Assuming the game is played, I’d say that the Democrats are favored to win. They’re 0-9 since 2000, but Republicans have a really good shot if they play a perfect game. We all know these games aren’t perfect, but we’ll see.

If the game is played, there will be photos on here tomorrow.

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