Condi back at the shop

Anyone who’s driven with me in my car in the past 6 years knows Condi.

Over the past few months, Condi has had some issues. First when I left Greendale after volunteering one Sunday, her exhaust system had problems and sounded like a hot-rod. So I took her to a local repair shop, which was officially closed for the day. The guy said he could patch it, and he did so, or so I thought.

A month or so later, same thing, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I had Condi towed to the same place after our softball game. There’s a good story to go along with that, but I won’t post it here — softball team knows it though. They “fixed” it again.

Today, on the way into work. Same problem! But this time I was in bumper to bumper traffic at the I-295/I-395 merge. No way I was going to be late for work because of this. (Kind of similar to the washing machine story.) So, instead of paying to have it towed back to Alexandria (which would have cost about $55) I put my blinkers on and coasted into the Capitol Hill Exxon station, which has a good reputation for fixing the cars of our political leaders, according to my friend Clark, who was happy with their service on his 1979 Trans-Am.

We’ll see how much it costs to get Condi fixed this time, but I am going to ask for a refund from the place near my house. If I don’t get a refund, I will post their name here for all to see. Just like Maani’s company, which has 9 days to respond to me before I express my dissatisfaction with their company publicly.

Condi’s muffler on the ground.

I am thinking of setting up a “Preserve Condi” fund at Burke and Herbert Bank. Donations welcome (kidding, unless you really just want to give me money to save Condi.)

UPDATE: $576 later, Condi is fixed.

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