Common Cause Exploiting Trayvon Martin Tragedy


Today on Metro, I was reading this week’s edition of Bloomberg Businessweek and was utterly stunned when I came across this paragraph:

In April, Common Cause sent a tax whistleblower complaint to the IRS, claiming ALEC is a lobbying group and seeking to strip its nonprofit status. Common Cause spokeswoman Mary Boyle says the group had been waiting for months for the right moment to lodge its complaint. “The Trayvon Martin thing was like a gift,” she says.

Common Cause is a lefty group that doesn’t like ALEC, a conservative group that educates State legislators and provides them with draft legislation — including the oft-misunderstood “Stand Your Ground Law” that you probably only know about because of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy.

Random aside: Did you know that uber liberal (and former Canadian) Gov. Granholm of Michigan who is now retired, decried the bill on television but signed it into law when she was Governor?

I almost fell out of my seat — the death of Trayvon Martin was like a gift? Seriously? I don’t see how anyone can read this an interpret in any way other than that Common Cause is exploiting the death of Trayvon Martin.


P.S. — Feel free to tweet/email/call Mary Boyle your thoughts.



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