Cleveland’s Trifecta?

10 cent beer night at Municipal Stadium. Bottle Gate at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Cleveland has had its imprint on rules  for fans in professional sports. Some attribute the 7th inning beer limit and 2 beers per person per sale limits to 10 cent beer night. Bottle gate definitely resulted in caps being removed from bottles.

What will happen in Cleveland tonight? LeBron James returns with his new team to Cleveland.

Obviously, I hope the Cavs win. I hope, too, that Cleveland fans show LeBron, in no uncertain terms, that they’re not happy with him. They’re not happy with the way he left Cleveland. Of course, I believe he’s entitled to leave Cleveland. Anyone should be. It’s not a gulag. The manner in which he did so, however, left most Cleveland fans in disbelief. Virtually all fans will never forgive him, and I think it’s safe to say LeBron won’t likely enter the Hall of Fame as a Cavalier.

As weird as it sounds, the Browns/Jaguar call justified the throwing of bottles. Not an intent to injure, but bottle throwing isn’t bad if people aren’t getting hurt. If I were there, I probably would have thrown bottles too. Unfortunately, people were hurt. 10 Cent Beer night? I’d just be drunk in the stands — going on the field is pretty unreasonable if you ask me. Both of these incidents reflect poorly on Cleveland, like other teams’ fans putting batteries in snowballs.

But tonight? What would I do?

I’d boo the almost entire time. Some enterprising fans came up with a “chant sheet” for fans. Clever idea. Some of the songs they invented are a little over the top. Chants are hard to organize, but I expect some will take root. I wouldn’t however, resort to violence or visible anger.

Of course we’re mad at LeBron. We should be. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to act like people did at 10 cent beer night or the Jaguars game. LeBron is a narcissistic guy, there’s no doubting that. But Cleveland fans shouldn’t resort to anything that can be compared to 10 cent beer night or bottle gate.

Let’s be loud, obnoxious, and proud. Let’s not make James into a martyr. That’s the last thing we need.

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