Shaker Heights: The Documentary

I’ve blogged a lot about Cleveland lately. I think I’ll take some of this time to shoot some video around town and do a short documentary about the decline of Shaker Heights and its causes. Of course, I’ll show the good parts of Shaker, too, of which there are many.

I got the idea tonight on my way from Mike O’Neill’s house to White Castle. It’s a somber drive down Northfield into Bedford Heights, past the old Randall Park Mall of my youth. This 2.2 million sq. ft. mammoth former mall sits abandoned in a near east suburb, having been closed for years. In driving around Shaker, especially its limited zoned areas for commerce, I noticed most of the stores were vacant. I started filming.

For Christmas, Mary gave me a flipcam. I love it — my family hates it.

In the interim, enjoy a quick video of my White Castle feast.

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