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Mary and I watched the game tonight, and while it’s sad we lost, that is better than if we had blown out the Heat. Let me briefly explain. As Cleveland sports fans, we tend to delude ourselves pretty quickly. Let’s not kid ourselves that the Cavs are worse off without LeBron.

I took some shots of interesting things I saw during the game. Here they are:

Hey, who’s that guy on the left?


Yes, that is Drew Carey. He’s lost some weight. I hope that he gave out placards to tell people about Reason Saving Cleveland.

This got a lot of Boos. Look at the fans booing.


Lots of signs.

More Signs.

You know he saw that one.

Great t-shirt.

Josh Cribbs and Bernie Kosar.

Great signs.

LeBron came to talk to guys on the bench to cheer himself up. People booed.

Pensive LeBron is pensive. What does his bracelet say?

Wow. What a narcissist.

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