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I really should start going to my city council meetings…

Harry Alford, best witness ever.

From my pal and softball colleague Ryan James.


Bush v. Obama — who is the better pitcher?

As a former pitcher, I was eager to see how well (or poor) President Obama would fare on the mound in St. Louis from 60′ 6”.

The result?

Bush threw a strike in New York after 9/11. Obama threw one in the dirt in St. Louis at the All Star game.


My friend Ryan James has the story.

Your hard earned dollars are being spent on stimulus signs

What a waste.

Boudreaux wins again

I wish Dr. Boudreaux taught at SLU.

From Cafe Hayek:

Oily Speculations

Don Boudreaux
Here’s a letter that I sent yesterday to WTOP radio (103.5 and 107.7 on your FM dial in and near DC):

News Editor, WTOP Radio
Washington, DC

Dear Sir or Madam:

This morning your anchors interviewed University of Maryland law professor Michael Greenberger on President Obama’s plan to reduce speculation in oil markets. Mr. Greenberger’s answers revealed his own confusion.

Most obviously, Mr. Greenberger repeatedly objected to persons investing in oil futures “passively” – as he said, “with no interest in actively controlling these assets, just hoping to make a buck when their prices rise.” Ummm…. Does Mr. Greenberger own stocks only in companies that he actively manages? If not, why is it okay for him passively (and speculatively!) to buy, say, a few dozen shares of Microsoft “hoping to make a buck when their prices rise” but not okay for other persons to speculate in oil for the very same reason?

Second, Mr. Greenberger presumes that all speculators speculate long and that doing so is a sure thing. Neither presumption is valid. It’s just as easy to speculate short as it is to speculate long. And if speculation were as risklessly profitable as Mr. Greenberger presumes it to be, then high gasoline prices would pose no problem because everyone and their grandmothers would be raking in riches by speculating in oil markets.

Donald J. Boudreaux

TurboTax: The rap

H/T to George

Recent touristy photos

I went out and took some shots with my Kodak point and shoot yesterday with long-time family friends, the Moriarty family (sans Liam).

Here they are:

Why would Lee Fisher ever agree to this?

Lee Fisher is currently the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, and it’s widely expected that he’s running for Senate in Ohio for Voinovich’s open seat in 2010. What’s worse is that Fisher is from my home town of Shaker Heights. How embarrassing.

According to the Dayton Daily News:

The footage comes from ‘Swing State,’ a documentary co-directed by Fisher’s son during the 2006 campaign. It was posted on YouTube by, a conservative blog run by Matt Naugle.

Download the video here.