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Jenna’s debut on The Today Show

She loves karaoke. How sweet.

An inside view of the liberal side rallying @ Health Care townhalls

In my congressional district, no less…

Jim Traficant will be freed today AFTER 7 YEARS, 1 MONTH AND 3 DAYS, Traficant coming home

8 Ways the Government inhibits economic growth


Public option will lead to single payer — Obama’s words

Testing is important — Not so sure’s 2nd bit

Free Trade and Cheese

My sister Betsy loves cheese… I love free trade. That makes this video awesome. Why not visit Cheesetique in Alexandria. While my cheese palate is limited, do what you can to support free trade cheese.

Daily Show visits Timothy Geithner’s house

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Political Humor Joke of the Day

Not so sure

This video reminds me of Thank you for Smoking