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Fairfax Connector Strikes Individual at Huntington Station [Photos]

Fairfax, Virginia | 11:30pm
A sad story outside of my residence tonight in Fairfax county. It appears an individual was struck in the crosswalk across Huntington Avenue by a Fairfax county Connector Bus.

Police arrived at the scene within minutes, and EMS and fire shortly thereafter. Fairfax One — the county’s helicopter — was also on scene but did not evacuate the injured individual, who was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

The individual’s condition is unknown but presumed serious.












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A Very Reddit Engagement

Tonight, I helped my fellow redditor John by photographing his very thoughtful surprise engagement here in Washington.

In addition to sending him the raw photo files, I added some text and edited a few for him. I left him an Easter egg in two of them. (I sent two of each, one without the Easter egg because I’m a nice guy.)

Here’s one of them. See if you can find it:

John and Nirmita

Congratulations to John and Nirmita!

Hooray internets! John — who lived in D.C. for a short while — was able to secure a photographer (me) and a cellist via the internets.

Bomblecast #18

Thanks for dropping by for episode 18 of the bomblecast. If you like reddit and we’re not reddit friends, make sure you add me. I’m still figuring out this whole reddit thing, so shoot me a message with your user name and I’ll add you back.

Links from today’s episode:

Here’s episode 18 of the Bomblecast:


After work this evening, I was lucky to catch up with friend and former SGA debate foe Joel Samuels. In 2002, Joel and I argued SGA campaign finance before it was cool. (Guess which side I was on?)

Anyways, post our catch up, I ventured over to see my lovely girlfriend Mary — who had just returned from San Antonio. After which, I took the convenient 9A bus from her place to my place.

I saw this guy rocking out. Had to get a picture.

Scotland Photos Preview

Friends, I hope you enjoy this preview of some of my photographs from my trip to Scotland. More when I return.


Tomorrow I am embarking on a trip to the wonderful country* of Scotland. (*Scotland is technically ruled by Her Majesty the Queen, E II R.)

What am I to learn by visiting the land of gingers for my sister’s graduation from St. Andrews? (I know some will ask, much to my consternation, in four years she hasn’t found time to play the Old Course.)

Scotland is home of the famed William Wallace of Braveheart lore, and roughly .59 times the population of New Jersey and slightly smaller than Maine in size.

Yet, Scotland is part of a government that effectively bans Lucky Charms (maybe to spite Ireland?), whereas I am a resident of a country that bans haggis. This should be interesting. In addition to being the home of golf, Scotland is also home to delicious Scotch (I do prefer bourbon) and Adam Smith.

Scotland is also nearing a referendum that might give it independence from the United Kingdom.

I shall keep you updated with dispatches. Stay tuned to this blog for more.

Thanks yet again, DCist!

The second featured photo this month!

Thanks, DCist

I don’t know why I got DCist’s “Morning Roundup” at 5:02pm, but I did notice that they featured a photo I submitted to their flickr group. You may have recognized it from one of my previous daily link pages.

Thanks, DCist!

Photographers Can Be Snobs

If you are a professional photographer and clicked this, you know there’s an element of truth to it.

A friend sent me this link: And while the site is funny, it is chock full of arrogance. Oddly, the tagline for this site is “You Can’t Buy Talent.” This is wrong, but more on that later.

Let me tell you why they are in such a bad mood:

  1. Photographers hate that nice cameras are getting more affordable all of the time.
  2. They hate that these cameras enable people to take better pictures because it reduces the demand for their services.
  3. Photographers can be like most artists, in that their opinion is the only one that counts, people with bad taste aren’t potential customers to them — they are idiots.
  4. Many photographers hate and Pixlr-o-matic because it allows normal people to edit photos in ways they used to with really expensive software.

Let’s go in reverse order — Of course people upload really dumb pictures through services like, but some photos look pretty darn cool. My college friend Brit took this and it came out really well, in my opinion. Some photographers never edit their work, others do. Either way, they just don’t like and for dumb reasons.

Potential customers can have bad taste, as evidenced by this photo. Photographers, too, have bad taste. Everyone has bad taste to somebody else. Just because people have poor taste doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have photos taken, even if they are ugly.

This is a big sticking point. It must really pain some of these folks to see camera commercials where people remark “you took that?” to their friends’ picture of a tree. Further, every reduction in price must be pins and needles for them.

But to the most important part where the byline says “You can’t  buy talent.”
This is wrong for so many reasons, but here are just two:  you can hire photographers and you can buy their artwork.

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