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New Podcast: Obama Helped Kill ’07 Immigration Reform

Today, I joined Michael Graham over at THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast to discuss the President’s new immigration outline and the framework being proposed by a bi-partisan group of Senators.

Bomblecast #13 — Lame Ducks

Friends, after an eight-year hiatus, my podcasts are back. Why eight years? Why not. Anyways, hipsters have brought back mix tapes, skinny jeans, 1980’s glasses and podcasts. So, I figured I’d rejoin the fray and bring you back my podcast.

Because you didn’t ask. Anyways, if it takes off, I’ll do this more often and get a feed on iTunes and such. In the mean time, I’ll just give you this mp3.

EPISODE 13 (right click and save as to download)

Links from this week’s episode (Or, how to waste your time)

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