Buy Local Terrorists

Sometimes those in the cult of “Buy Local” take things too far, like borderline domestic terrorism akin to the actions of Greenpeace and their ilk.

Let me introduce you to Randol Stebner, who took buying local to new levels: by trying to burn down a Home Depot.


The Seattle Post Intelligencer explains:

“I am upset with Home Depot because they are making business difficult for my friend,” Stebner said in a written confession, according to charging documents.

“I know there are people in the store now,” he continued. “I don’t want to hurt them, but I have to get their mother fucking attention. I only set one fire, but I want to set a couple more.

Buying local to stick it to the man is just the beginning, it would seem. Protesting Walmarts is the second phase. Somewhere a few degrees away, and once you’ve had enough kool aid, you may just start trying to turn those evil chains into Dante’s inferno.

Or, turn into Milton:


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One Thought on “Buy Local Terrorists

  1. I actually had to Google this one to see if there really is such a crazy person…turns out there is. Wow…

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