Burger Review: Elevation Burger

Earlier this week, Mary and I went to National Harbor in Maryland to get some free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Before you make any comments, I went because it was free. I’d never actually pay for it.

Speaking of restaurants with more left leaning views on life, I saw a new burger joint at National Harbor, so Mary and I went to go try it, after stopping at the Peeps store. (Yes, one exists. Visit it before it closes!)


So, we went inside, questioning why it was called “Elevation Burger.” Was the company started in Colorado? We asked and found out that no, in fact, it started in Falls Church, Virginia.

It’s called Elevation Burger because they elevate things to a higher level with green practices. And to think, Obama went to Five Guys? Poor messaging. Pretty much, consider this a green version of 5 guys, with slightly smaller burgers, shoestring fries, and custom made shakes like you’d find at GoodStuffEatery on the Hill.

Because it is green, typically, that means prices are higher. Not so at this location. Our burgers plus fries was about $14. (We did not get drinks.)

Our burgers
Our Burgers

Shoestring fries
Our Fries

I’d say on the whole, I’d recommend Elevation Burger. However, the burgers weren’t as good as Five Guys, the fries were better than 5G, but not as good as BGR’s.

Bomble Rating: B

See the rest of the photos here.

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One Thought on “Burger Review: Elevation Burger

  1. those little guys look pretty tasty. shakes are definitely wanting at 5guys. gotta get me down there …

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