Buffalo Wild Wings to open in Crystal City

UPDATE!! Looks like the opening has been moved back to Thursday of next week 🙁 See you then.

How in the world did I miss this? I guess I don’t read enough ARLNOW.com!

So, on my way home tonight I grabbed a quick sandwich from Jimmy Johns and saw it — Buffalo Wild Wings in all its glory. Televisions flickering, the warmth that would come from delicious BW3 wings and from their hot sauce, I could taste it. I walked to the doors, ignoring that nobody was inside, and they were locked. Reality set in. Holy crap it’s cold out.

I asked the fine fellows at Jimmy Johns when the BW3 was slated to open, and they replied they heard next Monday, December 13. I am in. Who’s coming with me? RSVP below if you want to come on the 13th.

Trivia: Why do I call it BW3? Here’s why — initially, the restaurant was called Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, or BW3. Ohioans tend to call it BW3, as do people from the surrounding states. It was started in Ohio, but later moved its corporate headquarters to Minnesota. Great job at retaining jobs, Ohio (this took place in 1999, so don’t take this as a dig on the outgoing governor).

Here are some pictures I took of the restaurant.

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  1. BW3 confirms on facebook, it opens Monday, 12/13

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