Bravo, RTA Staff!


Dear Editor,

Kudos to the RTA staff for recommending that it use the best firm to conduct the joint RTA-Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency study.

In picking the best firm — and noting “this isn’t like buying pork chops”– RTA’s staff has done a valuable service for taxpayers: pick the best firm.

Of course, local politicians and their aides — namely Valarie McCall — are encouraging RTA to “buy locally” and use a local firm instead of the firm in Olathe, Kansas they’ve recommended. (Despite the fact no local firm with this specialization exists.)

Nonsense. Surveys like this must be done right, especially since they will determine how millions of taxpayer dollars are spent. Firms specialize and earn a reputation because they do a good job and want to grow their business.

The same can’t be said about “buying local for locals’ sake.” I don’t want a bunch of inexperienced people doing the job just because they’re from Cleveland.

You wonder why Cleveland has brain drain? Articles like these make this native never want to come back. It seems Cleveland is governed by people with the economic sensibilities of peasants from the Middle Ages, when everybody bought locally and everybody was poor.

Cleveland must shake itself of its obsession with “buying local” and join the the rest of the country in trading with other people.

Jim Swift
Alexandria, Virginia

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