Bracket Finalization Thursday Links


WSJ: What You Lose When You Sign That Donor Card

Google College Hoops

FSMidwest: At SLU Majerus’ rebuilding program clicks

UNEWS Reporters covering the Billikens on the road

STLPD: Bernie: Majerus completes long journey back

Kenpom: Rick Majerus = Awesome coach

Majerus Knows Basketball

From the Department of Kaboom! You’ve Been Lawyered: A Tank Full of Economic Misunderstanding

If Paul Krugman were a Sim City adviser:

Landsburg: The analogists

io9: This is why astronomers build telescopes in the mountains of Chile

Apparently Saved by the Bell is on Netflix now.

New Shins — thoughts?

FoxPhoenix: Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Arpaio

NakedDC: Occupy Chicago to throw Occupy Festival, ignore irony

Democrats v. Dictators #PutinFTW

Wired: Super-Secret Google Builds Servers in the Dark

ARLNow: Crystal City Streetcar May Get Built Before Pike Streetcar

Deadspin: Why I’m Not Filling Out A Bracket This Year

WaPo: CIA divorces

Wikimania is coming to DC

WSJ/Joe P: Law Blog Doc Dump: Ted Stevens Investigative Report

Bomblr: Why I don’t understand the China Outrage

TheHill: Sen. Kyl takes strong stand against top Obama administration trade priority

No Budget, No Pay? That’s silly

ABC: Senator Lugar Can’t Vote for Himself

HOH: Norquist will teach you how

Bomblr: I bet this really pisses off Sandra Fluke

Roll Call: Jackson’s Eye on Primary Prize

AT&T Commercial: Do the Billikens need help dunking with one hand?

Reason: Why Stimulus Fails

Silly DC: You can’t give Anacostia nice things

Bomblr: Things I just don’t get 

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