Many of you have asked — how do you make bombleque? The true, full recipes are a secret. But here’s a free version for the public:

Well, first, a bit of history:

Bombleque started back in 2004 when I lived at the Chase Park Plaza in Saint Louis, Missouri. A grocery store across the street, Straub’s, inspired the much sought after BombleBurger. If you unfortunately live in an area that doesn’t sell Tony Chachere’s, you can use Lawry’s Seasoning Salt instead, though while good, it isn’t the same.

  • BombleBurger


Four pounds ground beef (80/20)

Mexican Cheese (handful)

Parmesan Cheese (4 tbsp)

Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning (1/5 cup)

Soy Sauce (3 tbsp)

Garlic Salt (2 tsp)

Old Bay Crab Seasoning (3 tsp)

Texas Pete Hot Sauce (3 tbsp)

(Optional: 1 egg)

Basically, find a metal bowl and grind up all of the ingredients with your hands, then make into baseball sized patties. Cook carefully.

  • Bombleque Chicken


4 medium sized chicken breasts

1 gallon ziplock bag

1 Kraft BBQ Sauce bottle

1/5 cup – Old Bay

1/8 cup – Tony Chachere

3 tbsp – Soy Sauce

1/5 cup – BBQ rub of choice

4 tbsp – Tabasco Sauce

Pour all ingredients into bag, and mix for 5 minutes by hand while bag is closed. Cook on grill and top with American cheese on hamburger buns.

  • Bomble Brats

This recipe is exceedingly simple. Find Johnsonville Cheddar Bratwursts, and soak them in Busch beer for 3 hours before cooking. Enjoy.

  • Bomble Steak Subs


Buy a package of steak tips from your local supermarket. Preferably, go to a SuperValu market and buy Swift’s Premium, if that’s not available, find a substitute.

Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning

BBQ dry seasoning of choice

Garlic salt

Greek seasoning powder

These can be made one of two ways: grill or wok.

For grilling, dry rub all of the ingredients (to taste) in a bowl. Use a little Busch and soy sauce to keep moist. Maybe some Texas Pete hot sauce, too. For wok cooking, mix all of the ingredients and cook in the wok until beef is cooked to your liking. Good on salads, or especially on steak buns with American cheese and Arthur Bryant’s KC BBQ sauce, a favorite.

Now, these recipes can vary, but those are the bomble basics. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. theblueCBK on August 4, 2009 at 9:47 am said:

    One thing to help the bomblebrats…poke fork holes in the brats prior to soaking them, it’ll absorb more of the beer and makes it taste phenomenal!

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