Blizzard of 2009

So, you may have heard we got a lot of snow in the D.C. area recently. Those reports are true. I didn’t really leave my place for much of the weekend. Metro wasn’t running that much because 8 inches accumulated (think of the third rail and you’ll get why).

Here are some pictures from my weekend. (You can click to expand them).

The view of the metro from my condo.

Mary celebrates the joy of snow! This is probably my favorite shot of the night.

On the way to get pizza from Boli’s (they were open), I snapped a pic of the metro parking lot at Huntington.

A look down snowy Huntington Avenue.

Boli’s was open, so we gave them some business. Yay for Capitalism!

7/11 was open too, so we bought some essentials — mainly alcohol.

The metro plows at work.

My car door.

My car is snowed in — and no shovel / plow from the Condo Association. My scraper? Broken helping Mary get out.

With no shovel and no plow, I grabbed my trusty 9 iron and hacked my way out. It was more effective than you might think. For fun, and the amusement of onlookers, I skied one into Cameron Run. (I obviously moved so I didn’t shank it into my or other people’s cars).

I hacked out a lot of snow, as you can see, and one blister later, I was out and about.

VIDEO BONUS: Me actually hacking away at the snow with my 9-iron.

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